Playing the Other

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Mosaic NY

Mosaic NY creates and performs works of theatre that promote dialogue, develop community, celebrate diversity, and encourage the pursuit of social justice.


Images, videos, and supplementary materials from past productions.

About Me

I am a theatre practitioner/scholar, and a true believer in the power of theatre to transform lives. We go to the theatre knowing that it is not real life, and through this willing suspension of disbelief, we see utopia, possibility, and ways to imagine change.

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I welcome inquires about collaborations, performance, and speaking opportunities.
“Although the Other often collapses into the self-same because of a kind of societal absorption or cultural assimilation, sometimes it provides the opportunity to unravel bounded definitions of the self, opening the self up to its own alarming alterity, moving us as spectators or readers toward (a possibly dystopic, possibly utopian) transracial consciousness.” — Susan Gubar, Racechanges: White Skin, Black Face in American Culture, xxi.